The RH Back Office Difference

What You Can Expect

Expense CategoryUS-Based EmployeeBelizean Employee
Employee Pay Rate$19.00/Hr$12.00/Hr
Employer Taxes$1.20/Hr$0.00/Hr
Unemployment Tax$0.43/Hr$0.00/Hr
Employee Hourly Cost$25.01/Hr$12.00/Hr
Employee Monthly Cost$4,001.00/Mo$1,920.00/Mo
Employee Yearly Cost$48,419.36/Yr*$23,232.00/Yr

* The yearly cost figure takes into account 2 weeks unpaid vacation and 8 unpaid sick days in a year.

RH Back Office takes the complexity out of incorporating remote professionals into your organization, something large companies have been taking advantage of for years. The price advantages of remote professionals are clear, but our Belizean remote professionals are a cut above the rest. With English as their official language and the pay for these workers starting at twice the living wage, we maintain a team of “cream of the crop” workers ready to exceed your expectations.

The table demonstrates the typical expected savings between a US-based employee and a Belizean employee through RH Back Office. An important note here is that the savings figure of over $25,000 presented does NOT include the additional savings of not having overhead such as rent, insurance, utilities, and more.

With RH Back Office, you can increase sales and revenue for your franchisees while standardizing and improving the sales process.

Our Commitment To You

We are committed to truly serving you as a dedicated partner. Our team at RH Back Office takes steps to ensure that we exceed your expectations and serve your organization in the best way possible. As our customer, you can expect:



We will learn your business from top to bottom through a virtual orientation meeting with your designated Belizean Leader, along with one of our U.S.-based owners.



Using knowledge gained in the orientation meeting, we will define how we can best serve you and your organization’s needs.



This immersive session involves learning your office procedures, and corporate values. We gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s business model.



Training of your remote professionals will align with your organization’s goals, needs, and values. We take charge of maintaining the standards you have set.